Activity information Marina Port Premià PHASE 1

We put at your disposal updated information and recommendations on the measures adopted to manage the health crisis situation caused by Covidien-19 applicable to the ports under the jurisdiction of the Government of Catalonia.

The recommendations in PHASE 1 to Ports of Catalonia are:

  • Recreational boating within the same health region and up to a maximum of 12 miles away is permitted.
  • Navigation is allowed with a maximum occupancy of 50% of the ship’s capacity, except if they are all residents at the same address. Maximum of 10 people per boat in all cases.
  • Navigation with rental boats (charters) is allowed, under the same conditions as in the previous section.

In all activities, the limitations of each phase must be respected and the necessary hygiene and personal prevention measures must be adopted, as well as the disinfection of boats and equipment.

Crowds must be avoided, distances must be maintained and ships must be accessed in an orderly manner, respecting the recommendations of the port managers.